Simple, modern wine investing

Wine consistently outperforms other alternative assets. Vinovest makes wine investment easy.

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Grow your passion and returns

Your investment sommelier

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Curated portfolio

We choose investment grade, globally diversified wines that perform more consistently and reliably than gold or cryptocurrency.

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We authenticate, store, and secure your wine. The wine is yours to enjoy when you please. We’ll even ship it to you.

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Insider pricing

Vinovest purchases proven vintages and emerging contenders below retail, increasing returns and maximizing your investment.

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Proprietary financial models and historical data ensure a balanced portfolio of the stable, high performing wines.

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How it works

Invest in minutes

Share your goals

Share your goals

Stable returns or more aggressive, your goals shape a curated portfolio of wines.

Own your wine

Own your wine

Master sommeliers fused with AI-driven algorithms select proven, appreciating wines to invest in.

Watch it grow

Watch it grow and mature

You now own your wines, but we take care of them. Buy more, sell or enjoy them as you wish.

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"Amazing experience great returns. This company is one of the most lucrative wine 🍷 investing platforms in the world I am thrilled with there level of service."

- Liam Dan -

"Love the platform and design overall and just invested more today, it really works! As a new investor would love to know more about why certain wines are purchased, the liquidity factors etc. so I become more educated as the platform grows!"

- Aman samra -

"Great app user experience and easy way to get into wine. Love the app user experience and think it's a great asset to hold in a diversified portfolio. You guys make it easy to hold this asset where it otherwise would not be easy."

- Marc Aubin -

"I am so happy with my experience with Vinovest! From a personalized call with the founder, to constant support and updates on my account and the company, I have been very happy with the service and return this far! Highly recommend signing up with Vinovest to diversify your portfolio!"

- Imnit Ghumaan -

"So far my experience has been positive. I was lower on the investment totem pole with the intention of investing more over time. I just wanted to see what this platform could do and so far I'm seeing a positive return. For anyone who's interested in wine but lacks the knowledge, this is a great way to get into the market."

- Caila Danielle -

Add wine to your portfolio

Our offerings

Standard plan


$1,000 minimum balance
2.85% Annual Fee
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  • Algorithmically-selected portfolios
  • Our guarantee for 100% authentic wines in excellent condition
  • Access to network of world-class wine storage facilities
  • Enrollment in our carbon offset program
  • Full insurance to protect your wines
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$50,000 minimum balance
2.5% Annual Fee
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  • All of the benefits of our Standard plan
  • Dedicated portfolio advisor
  • Customized portfolio construction options in addition to our proprietary algorithms
  • Access to wine futures
  • Access to rare, auction - only wines
  • Exclusive invites to Vinovest wine tastings and events

Grand Cru

$250,000 minimum balance
2.25% Annual Fee
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  • All the benefits of our Premium plan
  • Preferred access to the rarest, most exclusive wine releases only available at this level
  • Personalized quarterly portfolio insight reports
  • Access to our Vinovest Advisory Council

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What our customers and partners are saying

Dustin Wilson

“Investing in wine has long been something limited to those with access to the right wines. What I love about Vinovest is that they're opening this opportunity up to a larger market and breaking down the barriers for those who aren't necessarily wine experts. ”

Mckenna Weinstein

“Thanks to Vinovest, I can now invest in something I am passionate about!”

McKenna weinstein
Jane Lopez

Vinovest is combining wine knowledge and technology in an incredibly effective way to invest in the superstar bottles of tomorrow.”

Jane lopes, MASTER Sommelier